A Bus Tracker is a Better Solution than a Cell Phone

Posted by Patrick Gallagher on Oct 25, 2016 12:39:01 PM
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Bus_Tracker_Better_than_a_Cell_Phone.jpgAs a parent, it is important to know your child's whereabouts. In today's society, many moms, dads and other caregivers rely on cell phone technology to track their kids' whereabouts. But have you ever used a school bus tracking app like SafeStop to track your child's school bus? While it is true that you can text, call and even monitor your child's location using a smartphone, this is not the most reliable and efficient method when your child is riding the bus to school.

Some parents view bus tracker apps as redundant — why use an app when you can text or call your child? First, cell phone signals aren't always reliable. Additionally, what if your child forgets their cell phone, has it stolen by a bully or forgets to charge it the night before? And how does texting, calling, or tracking your child’s cell phone prevent you from missing the school bus in the morning?

For these reasons and many more, a school bus tracking app is an invaluable tool for any parent to have.

Not only does a school bus tracking app grant you peace of mind knowing your child is on the bus and en route to or from school, it provides you with valuable information regarding your son or daughter's commute. Bus trackers are more affordable, more efficient and easier to use than the systems some schools currently use to track their fleets.

Consider the following other advantages of school bus trackers:

  • Where's my bus? Your kid's school bus schedule can alter your entire day. You expect the bus to be at the bus stop and on time. By using a school bus tracking app, you can track your child's school bus in real time so you know if the bus is running late, stuck, arriving on time or already at the bus stop. With a school bus tracking app, you never have to worry about missing the bus and wasting valuable time driving your son or daughter to school.

  • All-in-one system: Some schools are trying to keep up with technology by adopting separate routing systems, GPS systems and text messaging services. Because there is a separate management protocol and cost for each system, delays can result when parents receive information about bus delays. How is that helpful? Despite all the systems some schools have adopted, parents are still calling their school in the morning for information. A school bus tracking app provides you with all the information you need in one place — no more paying for different systems when one app can do the job more effectively.

  • Bus analytics: One of the major perks parents and schools gain by adopting a school bus tracking app like Safestop is analytics. While you may have a routing system and GPS system, the two are not communicating and valuable data can be lost. With a school bus tracking app, the systems operate in accord, providing users with information regarding on-time performance, route deviations — even bus idling and speeding instances.


In the digital age, you shouldn’t be sitting at your kitchen table wondering, “Where’s my bus?” And you shouldn’t have to call your school to find out if your child’s school bus is running late or broken down around the corner. Technology is supposed to make life easier, not more complicated. Whether you’re a parent looking to simplify your life, or a school district seeking a more efficient tracking system, a school bus tracking app like SafeStop can be the key to safer, more reliable, and cost-efficient school transportation.

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