Top SafeStop Blogs from 2017

Posted by Patricia M on Jan 10, 2018 4:16:37 PM

SafeStop had an exciting year in 2017, and the team is looking forward to even more great things in the year ahead. But first, let's take a moment to look back on our Top 3 Blogs from 2017!

Benefits of Having Smart Boards in the Classroom // Originally posted on March 16, 2017

ss blog1 - smart boards.jpgSmartphones, smart cars, smart refrigerators – much of our technology is smart, and getting smarter all the time. Even our classrooms are using smart technology. One of the most innovative ideas to come to the classroom is the Smart Board, an interactive whiteboard that can do everything your computer does. Simply connect your PC to an overhead digital projector and a giant touch screen computer, or Smart Board, is literally at your fingertips.



Why a Student Portal is Important for Students, Teachers, Parents // Originally posted on January 26, 2017

ss blog2 - student portal.jpg

Remember when you were a kid and you had to call a friend, or wait until the next day if you forgot your homework assignment?

Whether you are a school administrator or a millennial parent, you probably didn’t have access to the same information as students have today. If your school had a student portal, chances are it lacked sufficient information, was anything but user-friendly, and was rarely updated.



Why Are There 180 School Days in a Traditional School Year? // Originally posted on March 9, 2017

ss blog3 - 180 days.jpgWhen you’re a kid, the only thing better than a snow day is summer vacation. It means freedom from classes, early mornings, and dreaded homework. It also means long, lazy, warm summer days with friends and family.

However, the 180-day school model has been questioned by those who wonder if having summers off from school might be detrimental to learning. After all, the amount of information children are required to absorb has substantially increased over the years. So, what are the pros and cons of year round vs. traditional school calendars?